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Golf Putters: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Putting is a crucial part of every golf game and if you watch professional tournaments, you will see that the player who putts the best is often the one that wins. Therefore, golf putters are the most essential weapon a golfer can have and working with a putter that suits you is just as important.

Presently, there are many advanced types of putters that are designed to help golfers perform better on the greens. This guide will give you more information about these recent advancements and help you find out which putter you may benefit the most from.

Types of Putter

There are two basic types of putter:


Face balanced and toe balanced

Golf PutterYour putter is face balanced if its face faces the sky when you lay it on your hands parallel to the ground. Face balanced putters are recommended for a player with a straight putting stroke and who uses little arc. This type of putter has the most weight in its face and its toe does not hang towards the ground. This keeps the putter always square to the target throughout the player’s stroke.

Putters with a toe that points downwards when you lay the shaft on your hands are called toe balanced putters. These putters have the tendency to open and close during the stroke so they are generally good for players with a slight to moderate arc putting stroke.

Not all golf putters are built to be either toe or face balanced. Many have some degree of toe-hang and fall somewhere between these two basic categories. The best way to get started is to determine what your natural putting stroke path is. Once you find the putter balance point that matches your stroke, you will become a more consistent and competent golfer.


Putter Head Designs

Putter heads come in various shapes and sizes, and your choice depends mainly on your preference. There are currently three main putter designs you can choose from: blade head, mallet head or peripheral weighted putters.


Blade Head

Blade is the oldest type of putter. It was largely popular from 1900-1990 and many players still use it until today. Blade putters have a classic design and they use a small head. They are more inclined to be face balanced so they are more suitable to use for straight strokes.


Mallet Putters

Mallet putters have bigger heads, giving the manufacturers more space to play with. The back of a mallet head often has visual alignment aids for better putting. Some also have circles or a series of lines for a more accurate aim. Golf putters with a mallet head are typically face balanced and so they are more suitable for straight putting strokes.


Peripheral Weighted Putters

Blade putters have naturally evolved over time and the result are the heel-toe weighted putters, or more commonly called peripheral weighted putters. The design of these putters is thin and long at address with extra weight at the toe and heel sections to add more consistency. Peripheral weighted putters became popular in 1966 and many of the world’s top players of today still use this style up to present.


Shaft Lengths

Having the right putter length for your stroke and height is fundamental to produce consistent putting and superior strokes. Working with a putter with incorrect length can result in inconsistent contact and impaired posture.

Golf-PutterThe length of a putter is determined by measuring the span from its sole below the hosel up to the top-end of its shaft. It is a general rule that the shaft of the putter must be no less than 18” long; there is no limit as to its maximum length. The lengths of golf putters vary, and with the addition of the longer belly putters, choices have become more wide-ranging.


The traditional length of a putter is 33-36 inches. It is still the most popular putter length and remains as the standard. However, with belly putters and long putters coming about on the market, the standard length putters aren’t as dominant as they had been.

Belly putters provide stability and help you maintain proper posture as they are anchored against your body. Long putters, on the other hand, can rest anywhere between the area above your belly button to the chest, or even up to your chin.


Where to Buy Golf Putters

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