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Five SEO Landmines to Avoid in Online Marketing

Internet marketing is not easy to carry out. There are numerous landmines that, once triggered, will bury your website in the Internet graveyard. There are no proper tactics or strategies that one can adopt to completely avoid these landmines. The business owners, SEO professionals, and marketing experts will have to work together to identify what works well and what doesn’t for the website.

The number of SEO strategies that have failed in improving website ranking is quite high – and it is still increasing! Since there are many failed strategies, it is easy to collate data and find out what those proverbial landmines are. Through the data collated out of these SEO campaign failures, you will know exactly what to avoid.

These landmines are definitely not good for your website nor for your SEO campaign. So, do your best to avoid these landmines. Here are five of those fatal SEO landmines to avoid when it comes to Internet marketing.

Landmine #1: Not preparing an on-site content strategy.

website rankingBefore, it was easy for one-page websites to dominate the search engine results pages simply because they have strong inbound link profiles. With the update made with Google Panda, it is now difficult for websites with no quality on-site content to rank well in the search engine results. High quality content can be determined by quantity and quality of inbound links and social signals, grammar and spelling, text formatting queues, length of content, outbound links, and use of subheads. When planning the on-site content strategy, focus on creating quality content that has lasting value.

Landmine #2: Not preparing an off-site content strategy.

Strategic SEO link building campaigns are crucial for online marketing success. Google’s ranking algorithms revolve around inbound links, positive branding, referral links, and such. The links are considered to be the road to the website. The more links available, the more paths potential customers and clients have to find the offered service or product. If someone else is going to do the off-site content strategy, make sure he has extensive knowledge of search engine algorithms. Otherwise, more harm might be done to the website than good.

Landmine #3: Not giving SEO enough time.

If you are looking for an analogy, then it is safe to say that online marketing is pretty much similar to the stock market. As time passes, the trend for the return of investment will be upward. This means that if the SEO campaign is stopped way too soon, the result might end up worse than when you just started. Understand first the volatile nature of search rankings. Moreover, understand why online marketing should not be considered as a short-term campaign. Having enough information should make it easier to hang on and promote the SEO campaign over a period of time.

Landmine #4: Not giving the SEO campaign enough budget.

Low-priced SEO service providers are definitely tempting. After all, they promise services that you want at a “too good to be true” price. If one is not careful, the low-priced SEO service provider chosen for the job might end up delivering a pretty useless service. Instead of being able to save money for the SEO campaign, one might need to spend more since this means starting over from scratch and paying a higher price for a better SEO specialist. If that is the case, then you would have been better off paying a higher price for a highly qualified SEO specialist right from the get go.

Landmine #5: Not spreading the workload.

Online marketing is vast and complex. This basically means that it is impossible for online marketing to be managed by just one person. There should be a team of SEO professionals experienced in this field who will handle your online marketing tasks. By hiring a team, it should be easy to distribute the workload. If the workload is evenly distributed, it is easier to obtain positive results.

The Pieces of A Good Internet Marketing Strategy – Using A SEO Company

The Pieces of A Good Internet Marketing Strategy – Using A SEO Company There are a lot of steps towards setting up an online business today. Whether you want to create a company that only works within the framework of the internet, or you want to bring your brick and mortar store to the online masses, you will need to factor in several different pieces. Thinking about internet marketing in terms of a puzzle is a good way to consider the opportunities that you have today. There are several pieces that you absolutely need to have in place, or you will not get any traction. In fact, if you don’t hire a SEO company, and you just try to focus on one of the pieces, you will not gain as much influence as possible. In some niches, you will gain no leverage at all. Taking that into account, consider the following pieces that need to be a part of your bigger strategy on the web.

Hiring an SEO Company

SEO Company

First and foremost, make sure that you hire someone to help you with the burden of installing proper optimization, back links, and infrastructure that can serve as a launching point for your web presence. You could either do this with assistance from experienced internet engineers, or you could try your hand at doing it alone. It’s not advisable to chase this without the assistance of someone else, because you will absolutely miss some of the important changes that have occurred through the algorithm shifts seen today. In fact, some adamant “DIY” experts, decried a major collapse of their traffic when Google’s latest algorithm shift happened, focusing on article marketing. Hire someone, it’s the best thing moving forward.

Install Social Media Applets

Find a way to include social media into what you’re doing. No matter what kind of business you are in, it’s imperative that you focus on building an audience with the most populated pages on the internet right now. There are literally millions of people on these sites, and you will absolutely need to put yourself in the middle of the action. If you are not working within any of the major social pages, then your brand, and your business will suffer in the long term. Not only is this vital to your reach, it is important to stay up to date with the latest technological shifts. Missing out on this could spell disaster for the future, as your competition will most likely already be on these pages or will be factoring them into their overall picture.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

After you’ve hired a SEO company, you may have to jump into the world of SEM. This is a marketing type that requires you to spend money on advertisements placed strategically within the reach and community of any given search platform. Regardless of which one you choose to utilize, you will be getting placements in pages that you normally wouldn’t get, and above all search results in your niche as “sponsored listings”. These listings are bought with CPC in mind. You don’t pay a dime until someone clicks on the ad, otherwise it’s just showcased in text or even a banner. When combined with proper keywords, you could drive an unlimited amount of traffic to your site for a fraction of the cost that most sites charge. The pieces mentioned above all work together in regards to establishing a good marketing strategy for today. No matter how long you’ve been working online, or what niche you’ve been placed in, it’s imperative that you move forward with all the elements properly. When done right, you will see that your reach will improve and you could very well outdo even the largest company in your niche.