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4 Tips For Creating Article Marketing Under The Banner of SEO

For the millions of people that have websites with no serious traffic, you need to consider working with article marketing. In some circles this is the holy grail of traffic generation, while in others it can be a detrimental solution. Even though there is some contention here, it’s really a matter of how you create the content and where you house it. If you create a great deal of this and you post it only in one place, you may not see the traffic you want. However, if you’re diligent and follow a few tips here, you will find that the seo that can be created as a branch of this solution is incredible. Consider the following 4 tips to illuminating your marketing.


Look For Good Topics

Artical MarketingThe topics of your articles cannot be recycled from other people’s ideologies. You need to come up with something new, or if you are going to base them on what has already been done, improve on them with something fresh. You have a unique perspective that you can throw at nearly any subject matter. If you don’t come up with anything new, then consider looking for a good article writing company to help you create with this. The topic that you decide to use will create an incredible flow of traffic. To get a deluge of visitors, you will need to look at backlink creation as a result of the content you create here.

Repeat Your Keywords

Do not be obnoxious about your keyword selection. It’s very easy to lose sight of the main goal of creating articles. You need to consider the repetition cycle and really look at how you’re going to influence search engines. Do not assume that you can just stuff your way through these. Too many repetitions will cause your site to collapse under the pressure of “spam” flags that will come up with the results. Do not be a spammer, choose your words wisely and have a professional write if you can’t. A good rule of thumb is to keep 1 to 3 repetitions per 500 – 700 words that you write. If you don’t repeat things, then make sure that you work on content that is 100% unique and new. That can offset the issue a bit.

Submit Your Content To Directories

Article marketing requires you to submit writing to directories that house content of this type. There are some large scale directories online today. You can upload a lot of documents to these pages, and include no less than 2 backlinks. If you market those pages, your seo quotient will rise in an incredible manner. You will get traffic like no other. Take a ratio of 1:1 when looking at this. For instance, if you get 1 hit per article, imagine if you had 1,000 articles on these directories. That’s right, you could end up having 1,000 targeted links and hits to your page with relative ease.

Blog Updates Work Too

If you’re going to work with seo and article marketing, set up a good blog. A blog can create a lot of influence for your website through information that you create. Creating good blog posts can offset the directory submissions that you create. Not only that, blog writing has gone into a new era on the web today. More and more blogs are getting indexed alongside with social networking, and more interactive sites. Whether you set up a standalone domain name, or you work with a software option, you will gain leverage and traffic as a result.

The above options are just 4 tips that will help you within search engine optimization today. Just remember to factor this type of content into a lot of different arenas overall.