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Factors That Will Place Your Website on Rank #1

In general, there are different online marketing strategies and SEO tactics that you have to employ to achieve high rank in search engines. You cannot rely on only one strategy if you really want your website to see the top spot in Google’s first page. The road to online profitability is never easy, but with continuous practice, you can be another success story.

Here are the top factors that will place your website on rank number one.

1. Accessibility

It does not refer to your post being easy to visit or click, but to how easy can web crawlers access your page. Accessibility is decided by many factors that start from the construction of a website – of what components are used and how the website runs.

For instance, when creating navigation tree, Flash is usually favored because it is more convenient for designing, layouting and embedding of other media in a page. However, web crawlers do not really read Flash the way it reads HTML.

Also for the same reason, using JavaScript when creating menu and submenu is not as practical a choice as compared to using plain HTML for the creation of sitemap in lieu of a main menu (although both are commonly used at the same time).

2. Content

ContentWhat else can improve your relevance rating but a relevant and substantial content in your website? You have to create compelling posts if you want visitors to keep coming, talk about your content and share your links in the social media. You cannot go viral for offering nothing but trash information and rehashed ideas.

High-quality contents are necessary in link building because no website would want to have connection with a low-quality website. Otherwise, both websites might suffer a PR degrade.

On the other hand, websites would always want to anchor with a page that has a lot to offer. Also, remember that a page’s conversion rate is considerably affected by content.

3. Basic on-page elements

On-page optimization is a very broad SEO term that refers to various tactics, all for the improvement of a website’s rank. The most important element of it is keyword targeting. While writing high-quality content is important, you should still consider certain keywords in the creation of your contents because your readers will have access to your page through keyword research.

There are computer- and cloud-based tools that can help you identify the best keywords according to statistics and search engine data. These tools allow you to determine the most relevant and usable keywords that internet users are interested in.

Another element is the tag that should be used in proper places, like how it is used as an HTML head tag and body tag. URL and internal linking are also major elements that should be perfected for better performance in the SERP.

4. Online marketing

High rank is the result of collective efforts comprised of various online marketing strategies. SEO marketing is just one of them, and there are still a lot of possible strategies that you can try to promote your website.

Online-marketingYou can employ social media marketing to take advantage of the traffic social media sites create. You can participate with online advertising for targeted and random ad placement online. There is also email marketing for a more direct approach, and of course, article marketing, to optimize your content’s exposure.

To expand your own network of followers and connected websites, you can participate with multilevel marketing or affiliate marketing, both of which are more beneficial if you engage in e-commerce (e.g. online selling and reselling).

Of course, SEO marketing is one of them.